Effective Marketing Campaigns For Vessel Charter Companies

Marketing is the one activity meant to drive in clients in huge numbers, who will, in turn, increase the company’s revenue. Over time, however, Vessel charter companies go through a loss of revenue due to badly done and expensive ad campaigns.

Below are a few pointers on what a marketing department should put into consideration when setting up a marketing campaign.

  • Using catchy phrases

The basic tip for a successful marketing campaign lies in the choice of words. Catchy phrases such as ‘Hot Deals’ catch the eyes of a potential client faster than using normal phrases. These catchy phrases should however be used genuinely, to avoid conflict with the client, where one does not get what was promised.

  • An ideal choice of graphics

Graphics make any mode of marketing very attractive, as opposed to the boring plain text. Graphics can be made exciting by using high definition photos of the vessels you intend to charter. Moreover, showing a brief video of what the client stands to get by using a short coverage of the vessel’s interior and exterior.

It is a common belief that people are visual, and are moved by a short clip or animation.

  • Make use of your testimonials

When creating an ad campaign, you need to win the trust of the potential clients even before they try out the vessel. This can be achieved by making use of a number of testimonials, of people who have chartered your vessels before and were satisfied by the service.

These testimonials save the client the hassle of looking for online reviews, and they will be more likely to choose your vessel.

  • Tell your audience about the benefits of using your vessel

For each vessel you wish to make an ad campaign for, give a short breakdown of the benefits it has over the others. Let the potential client know how they get to benefit from selecting your vessel, and this will make them disregard the cost.

An example can be stating a vessel’s benefit as stable in high tides at sea. This gives the client the impression of safety regardless of the weather.

  • Giving complete contact information

The main reason for an ad campaign is to get clients to your company. The contacts should be complete, with a telephone number, email address and physical address which includes a street name and where applicable the estate name or number.

The contacts given should be current and in use. It is advisable to give a 24/7 telephone or mobile number. You can also provide links by directing click here.

  • Give the client an offer they can’t refuse

Potential clients love bargains, and so your advert should include a catchy bargain. Make sure you have an offer, such as a free package coming with the charter of certain vessels.

An example of this offer can be free crew members when clients choose more than one vessel.

When followed keenly, these tips will drive clients to a charter company, but for repeat clients, the companies should make a point of delivering on what they promised on the marketing campaigns.