Digital signage makes use of signs, and incorporates technologies such as LED signs and LCD displays to project content such as digital images, video, web pages, etc. They are mostly used in public areas since their aim is to create an impression on masses.

The basic importance of digital signage is attracting potential and actual customers, and the following points outline how they are effective to attract customers:

Brand awareness enhancement

Digital enhancement can be used in two ways in brand awareness. First, for a new brand with the intention of penetrating a larger target market. Digital signage makes a direct lasting impression, where customers have the image in their minds for a long time. The second way signage can be used in brand awareness, is in an existing brand whose owners intend for it to cover a bigger market section.

Creates a memorable impression

If done by professionals, digital signage makes use of catchy phrases and attractive graphics, which remain stuck in the memory. Customers remember an advert they had seen about a certain cereal when they are making decisions on what to buy, and in turn make the decision to buy it. This memorable impression cements the brand’s lifetime in the market.

Inclusion of expert advice and recommendations

For new market entrants, digital signage comes in handy, since there is the need for the clients to have information on the use of the product. This is achieved by the marketing team including a ‘How to’ in the digital signage, which works as a user guide.

The signage can also be used to give recommendations, such as on complementary products that goes well with the product being advertised.

A wider reach of customers

When strategically placed, a digital signage can reach a huger audience than other forms of advertisement. These placements may include close to bus parks, recreational parks and on video hall entrances. This huge reach gives the product a wider market, hence increasing its customer base.

Customers are more attracted to graphics than words

As opposed to other means of awareness creation, digital signage has a bigger advantage, since it incorporates attractive methods. Most signages have flashing lights, which are known to easily attract the attention of mass.

Digital signage are direct to the point

When a signage is done well, it only takes a single glance by a customer to know what it is all about. This direct message delivery ensures potential customers do not get bored reading through huge volumes of advertising magazines.

Proper placement

Placement for digital signage is key to its success. The signages should be placed in open spaces, which are frequented by huge numbers of potential clients. Signages in crowded areas are not easily visible, hence they should always be placed in open spaces such as on posts.

Knowing your intended customers

Different customer require different methods of signage. Young customers are more attracted to flashy graphics, while elder ones are more attracted to calm signages. Identifying the audience makes the use more successful.


For digital signages to be effective, the marketer should put into considerations the above pointers.