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Google+:  Complete Guide for How To Set Up & Promote Your Business With Google+

Google+ is growing everyday!  As of January 2012, Google+ has reached 90 million registered users.  Over 60 percent of Google+ users use Google products on a daily basis. Over 80 percent of Google+ users use Google products every week.  If, you're considering adding it to your social media strategy but aren't sure how, you've come to the right place!

Creating a Business Page on Google+

Below we'll go over the exact steps you need to take in order to set up Google+ and promote your

Step 1:
You will need a Gmail account in order to join Google+. Once you're in your inbox, you'll see a little +You button in the top left corner. Click on that.
google+ profile setup


Step 2:
Fill out your name, gender, profile pic and agree to the terms!
google+ set up


Step 3:

You need to setup your personal profile page before you can set up a business page.  It will prompt you to set up your profile information- intro, bragging rights, occupation, employment, all that good stuff. Once you're done with that, your profile will look something like this:
google+ profile

Step 4:

Once your  personal profile is set up and complete, click the 'home' button at the very top (the one that looks like a little house).  You'll scroll down a bit and off to the right you'll see 'create a Google+ page' on the far right.

google+ business page set up

Step 5:

Just like with Facebook, you'll go through the process of deciding what kind of business you're setting up and filling out all the information, just like you did with your personal profile.
Google+ set up choices

Step 6:

Once completing your business page profile to have all the info and pictures you desire, you'll see a page that looks
strikingly similar to your personal page.

When deciding how to use Google+ consider a few things:

Is your target market actively using Google+?

How will your content on Google+ stand out from the rest of your content on your other networks?

How will you drive traffic to your Google+ business page?

Will Google+ be a main social network or will it just be used for, say, Hangouts?

Google+ has carved out a nice niche for itself by making it very simple for people to post videos and photos. That's one of the reasons photographers have had such success with Google+. Not only that, but of course every picture posted on Google+ is archived by Google itself so the SEO value and searchability factor are very high.

How to promote your google+ business page:

Put the Google+ app on your website as a widget or button along with your other networks, to make it easy for people to add your business to their circles.

Add a Google+ button at the end of every newsletter you send out.

Add the Google+ widget/button at the end of every blog post to encourage people to add your business into their circles.

Send out a Tweet asking your followers to add you to their circles.

Add other people into your business circles, this is a great way to get noticed because when you add them into your circle, it notifies them and from there, they'll most likely add you back into their circles.

Google+ Page Maintenance is essential:

Post consistently. Post at least once a day, even if it is a blog post from you or someone else in your industry. An active network grows while an abandoned one will languish.

Guest Post by Morgan Barnhart who is a social media specialist and CEO of Sociable Boost located in San Antonio, TX. She spends her days educating, consulting & training local businesses and individuals the joys of social media. She loves to spend her spare time outdoors and enjoying the company of friends & family.