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How to Use Stumbleupon to Increase Traffic To Your Website

I had heard that the potential of Stumbleupon to drive traffic to your website was huge and more impressive than Facebook or Twitter.  I simply did not believe it.  When I saw SimplyStacie share that Stumbleupon was her #1 source of traffic, I believed it.  In fact, I was inspired by it.  So I set off to see for myself. 


Be Active

I had a Stumbleupon account that I had opened two years ago and done nothing with besides fill out the profile information.  I began to be active on Stumbleupon by liking 2-3 links per day (one of them mine).  I began to get a few friend requests and I got a bit of traffic.

Be Social

Suddenly near the end of the first month it dawned on me that Stumbleupon truly is a social media.  Duh!  So I became social.  I used the Stumbleupon find friends feature to search my email for contacts that were already on Stumbleupon and then I followed them all.  Some of them followed me back and I got a spike in my traffic.  Stumbleupon became more fun because I could see what my friends were liking and I found a lot of good new stuff to like through them.  I was liking 8-10 sites per day (one of them my own).  I had about 30 followers.  My traffic at the end of the month from Stumbleupon was low, only 121 visits, but it was enough to make me want to improve it and I had only been spending about 5 minutes on the Stumbleupon a day.

Be Focused on Increasing Followers

I decided the key to the traffic and the fun was increasing my followers.  So during the second month I began to socialize.  When I was looking at a page that I was liking, I looked to see who discovered it and I followed them.  I also checked out who my favorite stumblers were following figuring they likely had similar interests and followed some of them.  Since I was now active on Stumbleupon and following people with similar interests many of the people followed me back.  The more connections you make the more great sites you come across and the more liking you tend to do.  My traffic for the second month went up to 754 visits and I have about 120 followers. 

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Be More Active

There were a few more factors involved the second month as well- sharing and stumbling.  Having more followers and following more people, I started receiving shares which is a lot of fun.  A share is when another Stumbler sends you a page they liked.  I think it is a great way to find out about cool new pages.  I started sending a few shares too (only about 3 so far I think).  I also started actually stumbling (not liking) which means I web hopping through the sites that Stumble brings up for you when you hit stumble.  I usually like 20+ pages a day now.


So I am pleased with the results of my two month experiment so far.  Stumbleupon is my #2 social media site referrer of Traffic (754 visits).  It just passed my Facebook traffic and is still behind my Twitter Traffic as I have a large Twitter following @familyfocusblog. I will update this page monthly to share my traffic stats and any new Stumbleupon tips that I am learning.

I learned that Stumbleupon has a longer shelf life for your links.  The half life of a link you share on Twitter is 2.8 hours while the half life of a link you share on Stumbleupon is 400 hours.  (via Official Stumbleupon Blog)  

The traffic stats I shared were for my Family Focus Blog since it gets more traffic that this site.  For this site, the pattern is also holding true with Twitter #1, Stumbleupon #2, and Facebook #3 for social media referrals last month.

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Update November 2012- I now have 457 followers on Stumbleupon and I had 5446 visits from Stumbleupon in the past 30 days. It has now passed both Facebook and Twitter for me. I stumble daily about 5 to10 pages.  I share a post from my blog about every 3 days.


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